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Whats On My Mind?


Its been a while since I purged my mind here.


Just how long is the right amount of time to leave up a tribute cartoon?  Seriously. I want to give every disaster and important event that has warranted a special salute enough time for the importance of that events or action to have an impact. Maybe the problem is that we have been having political, moral and environmental disasters one after another. In fact, they have been stacking up and overriding one another.


It drives me crazy that there are still climate change deniers in the wake of the recent catastrophic events. Not just in Texas and Florida. But the tinder dry conditions in the west that led to wild fires. The deluges of rainfall world wide combined with rising sea levels that create flooding disasters in coastal communities.  And on and on…


I had one person write me through social media to tell me climate change is not real. What’s really happening is God is showing his anger towards us. My thought is that God probably IS mad at us. But not for the same reason this person probably thinks. I think God might be mad at us for ignoring all the signs he has given us over the last few decades that climate change is real. We do play a big role in it. And for decades we chose to do nothing about it.  Why else did God give us the brains we have that are capable of learning and understanding the world around us if we are not going to use this gift of knowledge?


Yeh, God is probably pretty mad about this.  His hints have been getting bigger and bigger.


And yet still we have a President who thinks Global Climate change is a joke. Two of his prized properties were squarely hit in the last storm including the grotesquely opulent Mara Lago.  Seriously, Google search it. Its the kind of place cartoon rich people would hang out. Its the kind of place that would make Saudi princes think “this is a little much.”  Its the kind of place that should be wiped off the earth by a giant hurricane.




Speaking of the hurricanes…


I am certainly not the first person to notice this.  But big disasters like this bring out the best in most Americans. Sure, there were a few douchebags that decided to charge three times as much for gasoline and ten times what a bottle of water should cost, but for the most part these tragic events bring out the true nature of what it means to be an American.


When our neighbors are struggling most of us put our differences aside and help.


I love the out of the box thinking that went  into some of these heartwarming stories.  Like the throngs of weekend fishermen who trailered up their boats to help shuttle people through the flood waters in Houston. I particularly love the story of the Monster Truck driver who recognized he had the perfect vehicle for rescuing people stranded by an epic flood.


in Florida people were having their vacations ruined by the storm. At Disney World, cast members volunteered to stay with guests in the hotels to perform as favorite characters for families who had to hunker down in hotel lobbies rather than enjoy the theme parks.  Disney recognized that many guests housed their pets in nearby shelters during their vacations. Before the storms came, they allowed guests to retrieve their pets and keep their furry loved ones close in their hotel rooms and on hotel grounds (normally off limits to pets) until the danger passed.  Thats pretty cool.


Overall I am amazed at the resilience of Americans.  How quickly so many can come to the realization that in this consumer based country we live in, when it all gets taken away, we still know the important thing is simply the people we love and their safety.


One thought.  How about developing hurricane proof construction for our coastal communities.  Now would be the perfect time to start heavily marketing and developing this.  Now hear me out before you all write me in protest that there is no such thing as a hurricane proof building.  Well thats not necessarily true.  Domes and oval shaped buildings have far less for the wind to grab onto.  We should be seeing these hurricane and tornado prone communities adopting more and more rounded structures.  Rather than put up the same box shapes again that we know cannot withstand the storms that are surely going to become more frequent.  Its a simple thought, and people might not end up living in something that looked like the home they dreamed of under other circumstances. But think of how much less insurance might cost you in a wind resistant home.  Think how many homes might remain after a hurricane. Think how many people could just shelter in place and ride out the storms (given they are not living close to sea level) if they have a home like this.


It seems to me, in the wake of a disaster, the smart thing is to do something different when you have a chance to rebuild.  A chance to do something better so next time you do not have to worry so much about the coming storms.


Oh and now can we have an intelligent conversation about climate change?






- Joseph Pillsbury- Bogsworld.com